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Entourage supporting the Beatson Cancer Charity

Entourage supporting the Beatson Cancer Charity

Delivering events is what Entourage UK are best known for and it is what they are good at and highly respected for.

In the current climate with no live events taking place charities are facing increasingly challenging times.  Entourage UK have teamed up with the Beatson Cancer Charity to focus on something positive and to help them to raise some essential funds.  Entourage UK initially reached out to their extensive network to secure some prizes with the intention to hold a raffle and they were overwhelmed by the response and the support they received.  Thanks to many clients and suppliers Entourage UK secured a fantastic range of prizes including donations from Elaine C Smith and Edward Reid. Entourage UK wanted to try and enhance the profile of the fundraiser which developed from the original concept of a raffle to include an online auction combined with a live online quiz. The quiz was held in partnership with Andy Dunlop from The Stayin’ Inn and over 200 teams joined in live on the night with the live audience helping to double the amount of donations.  Laura Mills, Director said “We would like to thank everyone who donated a prize and who donated to the fundraiser and special thanks to Andy at The Stayin Inn for helping us raise so much money for The Beatson Cancer Charity.

Linzi Harvey, Director commented “We love to speak to people and networking is a huge part of our corporate life, often during the conversation we can identify an opportunity where we can make a genuine difference.  Albeit it is in a very different format these days, but networking and events are still a very valuable way for us to maintain our relationships, make new contacts and identify new opportunities.  A recent example of how effective networking online can be is our latest partnership with the Beatson Cancer Charity which we are extremely proud of and we are grateful to each and every company/individual that donated a prize or supported the event financially”

Charlene Low, Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser for The Beatson Cancer Charity said “The challenges faced this year by all has been extremely challenging, without the support and fundraising from the likes of Entourage we would not be able to continue to support those patients and families facing a cancer journey.  Beatson Cancer Charity have adapted our services during these challenging times to ensure that each person affected by cancer receives that care, love and hope that they absolutely deserve during these difficult times.  Thank you Linzi and Laura from Entourage UK and your wider network for organising these fundraising activities during a time that you have faced uncertainty and challenges too. The event raised in excess of £2500 for the Beatson Cancer Charity, funds which are even more valuable in the current climate.  

Whilst the events industry may face many challenges for months to come there are opportunities for the team at Entourage UK to work with businesses and add value, communication is key, and Entourage UK is very much open for business.