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Our Services

For ten years, Entourage UK has been helping organisations successfully reach audiences and to secure sponsorship funding to build successful events. 

While the physical events are difficult to plan through the ongoing pandemic, here are a few other ways Entourage UK can use our proven skills to help your business. 

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An Evening With Sir Alex Ferguson

Let us help with your:

Project Management

Large scale event management means managing everything from the costs and the database to navigating appropriate legislation, keeping all stakeholders informed and happy.  We also manage the safety aspects and possibly source an 8 foot teddy bear for fundraising purposes if required. On the evening, we will often be supervising the running order in evening dress and heels, smiling calmly, stopwatch in hand.  

If you need experienced and unflappable project management for any occasion, such as a staff networking online, these are skills we can apply on your behalf.      

Sales & Fundraising

The success of many of our events relies on our contacts book and our proven ability to arrange sponsorship. Typically, we also support organisations to identify, target and convert the right audiences to meet their goals. 

Achieving profit and sales is only one aspect of what we do but it’s a biggie – and one we fully understand.  Come and talk to us about how we can help your organisation engage better with those on whom success depends.  


Working with one of Scotland’s most experienced content creation and copywriting teams Entourage can help you articulate and present your corporate messaging to the right audiences. We will work closely with you to develop cost-effective and creative ways to influence your stakeholders and achieve the outcomes you desire.

Let us bring style and fluency to your Marketing Communications.

Relationship Management

Sometimes it’s not what you know…..

Through a decade of event management, we have an enviable “Black Book” of contacts, spanning celebrities, influencers, business leaders, plus the best sound engineers and videographers in the business. Whatever your needs, it’s worth speaking to us to see how we can facilitate your plans.

It has taken years to build up strong contacts and we never underestimate the importance of first-class stakeholder relations.  We also have an outstanding network of associates, whose skills we can call on, on your behalf.    

Technical Support

There is not a lot we haven’t been asked to do over the years and sometimes it’s taken our technical skills to the limit. But if we don’t know how to do something, chances are high that we know someone who does.

Allow us to assist you to take meetings and corporate events successfully online.

Administrative Support

While not often viewed as the most exciting aspect of any operation, effective administration is one of the most essential as it can make or break any enterprise. Entourage can supply cost-effective resources for;   

  • Minute taking
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Diary management
  • Recruitment
  • Customer surveys and feedback

We’re happy to undertake projects of any size and the one thing you can rely on is that we will be straight with you, both on what is possible and through respectful suggestions on how you can add value.

It all comes down to experience.