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  • Entourage UK - 10 years old

Welcome to Entourage UK

For ten years, Entourage UK has been helping organisations successfully reach audiences and to secure sponsorship funding to build successful events.

While the physical events are difficult to plan through the ongoing pandemic, there are a other ways Entourage UK can use our proven skills to help your business.

Entourage UK offers a flexible resource for businesses large and small.  Based in Renfrewshire but able to work remotely or at your premises, we would be happy to have an initial, no-strings conversation on how we can add value to your business.

Our own business was started in the midst of recession ten years ago and we are still successfully trading through a pandemic by maintaining flexibility, enthusiasm, professionalism and optimism.




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  • NHS Dumfries & Galloway
  • Ayr Chamber of Commerce
  • Harmony Row
  • Lanarkshire Business Awards 2017
  • Glasgow University
  • Arran The Island
  • Scottish Chamber of Commerce
  • Fife Business Awards
  • Century 21
  • East Renfrewshire Business Awards
  • ISCEI Glasgow 2016
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  • Dunbartonshire Business Awards